What Are The Chemical Properties Of Gumamela That Makes It Bubble?


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Mucilage is thought to be the chemical in Gumamela that will make bubbles.

Gumamela is actually the local name for the plant Hibiscus, a plant used in a variety of ways by many cultures, including those in the Philippines.
Hibiscus has been used for centuries as a way to heal. It contains quite a few properties in it that have been known to help keep someone healthy or to cure certain issues concerning the heart.
When discussing what makes Gumamela bubble, it is actually talking about what the Filipino children have found out. In the Philippines, children will take the leaves and flowers, crushing them until the sticky juices inside come out. This liquid is thought to be mucilage which is used in shampoo. Mucilage is the only property in Gumamela that seems likely to make the liquid extract bubble.
The children will dip a papaya stalk in the liquid and then use it as a straw to blow bubbles. The thickness of the liquid combined with its natural properties makes it a lot like the bubbles that can be bought in stores.
Those who realize the potential of Gumamela have used it in shampoo and even tried it for dish soap. Whether it is the best option, is a matter of opinion.

Gumamela also contains phosphorus, calcium, and iron. These vitamins can help you remain healthy or help fight certain diseases. It is for these vitamins in the flowers and other parts of Gumamela that make it important for medicine.

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