Does Jupiter Have A Thick Or Thin Atmosphere?


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Jupiter has a thick atmosphere because of how much mass it has.
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Jupiter has a very thick atmosphere made up of mainly hydrogen and helium. There are 4 layers: blue is the lowest, then browns and whites then finally the highest - reds. It gets thicker and denser as you move inward until it becomes a big sea.

There is no solid grond on the surface of Jupiter all of the surface of Jupiter is made up of liquid gases. Jupiter is a gas giant - it could fit all the other planet in our solar system inside it, or 1300 earths.

Jupiter is also a very stormy planet. The main storm, the great red spot, also called the eye of Jupiter, packing winds of up to over 200 km p/h. It's the most biggest most violent storm in the solar system (size) 3x the size of earth.

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Jupiter has a thick atmosphere
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