Where Is UKRAINE Located Exactly ?


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Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It is the largest contiguous country in all of Europe, with an area of 603,628 km_ and borders seven countries and two seas. It was part of the Soviet Republic before its dissolution, and now counts large minorities of Russians, Romanians and Belarusians as part of its population of 49,000,000 people. It also houses Russia's Black Sea Fleet in its Sevastopol city under a leasing agreement with the country. Ukraine has the second largest military force in Europe, second only to Russia. Its main religion is East Orthodox Christianity, and it has its own Ukrainian language, with Russian also being spoken in most areas.

Ukraine is bordered by Russia to the east and north east, the Sea of Azov to the south east, Black Sea to the south, Moldovia and Romania to the south west, and Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west. Its exact co-ordinates for a global location are: Latitude 49 degrees north of the equator, longitude 32 degrees east of Greenwich. The easiest way to locate it on an atlas or globe will be to find Russia, a huge body of land in the northern hemisphere in Eastern Europe, and to look to its bottom left, or southwest. You will find the Black Sea there, looking like a gigantic lake due to its almost complete enclosure by other countries, and just above the black sea is Ukraine.
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Ukraine is a country located in Easter Europe; it was a part of United Russian Federation, now it is an independent country.  Its borders Russia from the eastern side, Belarus from the northern side, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary are on the western border. The Ukraine's capital is the city of Kiev.

Ukrainian customs are greatly inclined towards Christianity, which is the leading religion in the country.The culture of Ukraine has been also influenced by its eastern and western neighbors, which is replicated in its architecture, music and art.

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