Where Is Hertfordshire Located?


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Hertfordshire is an English county located just to the north of London in south east England. The county is one of the Home Counties and lies inland, bordered by Greater London (to the south), Buckinghamshire (to the west), Bedfordshire (including the unitary authorities of Luton and Central Bedfordshire to the north), Cambridgeshire (to the north east) and Essex (to the east). Hertfordshire was originally the area assigned to a fortress constructed at Hertford under the rule of Edward the Elder in 913. The name Hertford is derived from the Anglo-Saxon heort ford, meaning deer crossing. The name Hertfordshire first appears in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 1011.
Deer feature prominently in many county emblems.Despite the spread of built areas, much of the county is given over to agriculture. One product, now largely defunct, was water-cress, based in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted supported by reliable, clean chalk rivers.Some quarrying of sand and gravel occurs in the St. Albans area. In the past, clay has supplied local brick-making and still does in Bovingdon, just south-west of Hemel Hempstead.
The chalk that is the bedrock of much of the county provides an aquifer that feeds streams and is also exploited to provide water supplies for much of the county and beyond. Chalk has also been used as a building material and, once fired, the resultant lime was spread on agricultural land to improve fertility.
The mining of chalk since the early 18th century has left unrecorded underground galleries that occasionally collapse unexpectedly and endanger buildings. Fresh water is supplied to London from Ware, using the New River built by Hugh Myddleton and opened in 1613. Local rivers, although small, supported developing industries such as paper production at Nash Mills.Hertfordshire affords habitat for a variety of flora and fauna.
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Hertfordshire is a county in England; it is located to the north of London. The county has the status of a ceremonial and Non-Metropolitan County. It lies in the East of England. 'The Administrative Head quarter of Hertfordshire is known as Hertford. Hertfordshire is pronounced as 'Hartfordshire'.

The entire area of Hertfordshire was given out for the construction of a fortress called 'Hertford'. This command was passed around in the year 913 by 'Edward the Elder. The residents of Hertfordshire are also called as "Hertfordshire Hedgehog". The Motto of the county is "Trust and Fear Not".

Hertfordshire is also a good place to visit for a vacation. There are many county parks, the most famous being Aldenham county park. The Hertford museum is also one the most interesting places in Hertfordshire.

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