Can Deaf People "Hear" Themselves Think?


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I'm just read about this in "A Loss for Words" by Lou Ann Walker. HEARING people can "hear themselves think" the deaf cannot. If they were born deaf, they have never heard words so their is no voice in their head. The entire education process of the deaf community is different, and American Sign language is not English, its a foreign language with and entirely different grammar structure. This is why they tend to have a lower reading levels and writing levels, not because they are less intelligent, but because english is a foreign language to them and its not how they communicate. I speak in english, so I hear myself think in english. In mexico, they speak spanish, so they hear themselves think in spanish. Deaf people speak forms of sign language, so they think through images remembered, mostly through sign.
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If you have never had any hearing then you would have no references to the spoken word or language. So I would imagine the brain would function differently in the thought processing mode.
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Deaf people can hear them self think.
When we think while our mouths are shut that is understandable same as the deaf.
Every one can hear themselves think, that is one of the things which is good for deaf
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No they can't!  They picture themselves that way in sign language.  Their hearing motor in the brain does not function that way.  There is two hemesphere in the brain, the left related to visual and the right related oral.  Hearing people use left for art and seing signs.  Deaf only use left for visual communication.  The right is not used much except reading and comprehend.
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Yes they can think but they can not listen to anyone. If you have any hearing loss problem you should use a hearing aid.

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If you think its not a sound but a thought and a thought cannot be heard. It is a thought in the brain and like feelings cannot be heard.
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those are the worst answers. if a person is 100% deaf, even with hearing aids, they have never heard a voice so they don't think the same way a person who has heard a voice does. they think in sign.
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people who are 100% deaf have never heard a voice think in sign. i even read about a lady who would sign in her sleep. she was dreaming in sign.

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