Can A Person Born Deaf, Hear Their Own Thoughts?


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Most definately. I am deaf and I can hear my own thoughts. They are clear as day. I wouldnt mind being able to hear what peoples voices sounded like, but I can think with out any interruption. Unlike some people.
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Yes they can hear their own thoughts. Even better than you or I.  My sister is blind & deaf... So I can feel good about saying "yes' a deaf person can hear their own thoughts'... And how blessed they are to be able to not have to hear this worlds cry for help to god...  Hope this helps, and best wishes
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Yes a person born deaf, can hear their own thoughts. Express their own thoughts. And at the same time know their own thoughts. As opposed to a person who can hear just fine, & still has a very hard time (knowing) their own thoughts. Hummm something to think about my sister would agree... Best wishes
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Yes indeed. I am 55 yrs old women and hear my mind talking in my head when I think, read or write. I also hear music (syndrome of charles bonnet, oliver sacks). So also when I think I hear my mind singing what I am thinking.
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If the person were BORN deaf and has never been able to hear, then any thoughts would probably tend to be more emotional as opposed to verbal.
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Yes, person can born deaf, caused by measles, high fever, etc.  No they can hear thier own thought.  If they do, it will not sound appropiate.  They know the meanings of it.  They visually observe not hearing it.

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