Why Is The Image Of The Compound Microscope Upside Down And Backwards?


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Pretty much what jnawrocki is saying is that every time it goes the a lens it inverts the image. Well if it goes through three lenses it will be inverted 3 times meaning when it comes to your eye it has flipped upside down and the sides just do the same so when it hits your eye everything is reversed. That's just what jnawrocki said but in more simpler terms
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Here is a picture of a compound scope.
---} Click here for a description of how it works {---

If you think about light traveling in a straight line the light from the bottom of the subject viewed must cross the light from the top of the subject when it passes through a lens It will invert again when it passes through a second lens and again when passing through a third.
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Because there is two lenses
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