Can You Define Qualitative Data And Quantitative Data And Give At Least Twenty Examples In Management Science Which Shows Qualitative And Quantitative Data?


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Quantitative data involves measurements and numbers. This kind of data describes FACTS. Data that is always the same no matter who records it (10inches in France is equal to 10inches in Canada is equal to 10inches in Turkey is equal to 10inches in Japan) It is not an opinion or a belief that can be disputed. (some people think that hairless cats are beautiful, some people think they look like a demon, some people think they look like a hairless rat, some people think they look more like a hairless squirrel)
examples: Weight, height, volume, density, age, length, width, speed, diameter, circumference, area, mass

a quantitative description of my big brother:
10 fingers
10 toes
250 pounds
5 feet 11 inches tall
can bench press 150 pounds
has size 11 shoes
20 years old

quantitative data = quantity   qualitative data = quality

Qualitative data is more related to senses, feelings, opinions, and intuition and is not involved in numbers and measurements.

Do you know what the game "20 Questions" is?  If not search for "20Q" online.

An example of a qualitative approach.
I'm going to describe something like I have never seen it before.

When I try to hold it in my hands, most of it slips through my fingers.
It does not have a taste or a smell. And it didn't make me sick.
It has no colors in it.
I can see through it.
At a certain angle, I can see my reflection.
When I shake it, it takes a while to stop moving.
It warms up when I have held a little of it in my hand for a while.
When I put it on dirt or sand it disappears.
When I put it on the floor, it made the floor slick and slippery.

It's water!     (yeah. I know it's lame.   Let me try again.)

Quantative approach for describing my cat:
domestic shorthair Orange mackerel tabby
green eyes
mixed breed
1year 3 months old
7.3 lbs
22inches long including 7 inch tail

Qualitative approach for describing my cat:
rusty orange and creamy white with white mittens
olive green eyes
calico mom and orange dad
dog hater
lizard chaser
indoor only cat
has very expressive ears
is a one-person cat
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Qualitative data is based on observations, words, text, pictures, video, and/or recordings.

Quantitative data is based on data, such as numbers.
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Attribute is one that exists in a range of magnitudes
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1=married 2=divorced 3 single 4=single
why is this qualitative?
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Quantitative data can be defined as the statistical numbers and frequencies, which provides information about the particular experiment/questionnaire,carried out for a research. It is used for making statistical inferences and drawing conclusions.

Qualitative data on the other hand consists of verbal and more in-depth information. It is used to describe the research elaborately and may not be used to make inferences.
Examples:Quantitative forecasting data, qualitative risk identification data, qualitative manipulation of risk data, qualitative risk mitigation data, the quantitative risk mitigation data, qualitative data of customer satisfaction measuring survey, qualitative employee appraisal, quantitative employee appraisal, quantitative pay-scale data, quantitative consumer information, qualitative consumer information,qualitative client/customer interviews etc

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