5 Examples of difference between data & information?


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Data and information are related to each other but they differ in many ways especially in their meanings. Here are five examples on how they differ from each other:

  1. Data are facts while information are interpreted facts

When we talk about data, they are facts that people gather based on their observation and experiences. They are raw facts which people gather. Meanwhile, information is what becomes of these data. They are interpreted facts based on the data gathered.

  1. Data is based from records and observations while information is based on research

Most data are just simple records of facts or observations. They're often written down on a sheet of paper or stored in one's brain. On the other hand, information is more factual in nature. They're also more reliable since they're backed by research. Often, they're gathered from experts such as scientists and researchers.

  1. Data are mere numbers and figures while information give meaning to these numbers and figures

When we talk about data we refer to the numbers and figures we often see in our math textbooks. They come in the form of graphs, timelines, fractions, decimals, ratio and proportion, and many more. But once these are interpreted and given meaning to they become information.

  1. Data lack meaning while information are meaningful

Indeed, numbers and figures alone lack meaning. They can never tell you something unless they are interpreted and explained. This is what data are. On the contrary, information are full of meanings. They're data which are explained or interpreted to be understood by individuals.

  1. Data are valueless while information are useful and valuable

Data alone are meaningless. What's the use of gathering them if you don't know what they are about or what they stand for? Information on the other hand are something you can readily understand and use. You can benefit a lot from information since you can apply them in your daily life.

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Data is a collection of facts, figures and statistics related to an object. Data can be processed to create useful information. Data is a valuable asset for an organization.
Data can be used by the managers to perform effective and successful operations of management. It provides a view of past activities related to the rise and fall of an organization. It also enables the user to make better decision for future. Data is very useful for generating reports, graphs and statistics.

Students fill an admission form when they get admission in college. The form consists of raw facts about the students. These raw facts are student's name, father name, address etc. The purpose of collecting this data is to maintain the records of the students during their study period in the college.

The manipulated and processed form of data is called information. It is more meaningful than data. It is used for making decisions. Data is used as input for processing and information I output of this processing.

Data collected from census is used to generate different type of information. The government can use it to determine the literacy rate in the country. Government can use the information in important decision to improve literacy rate.
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The main difference between data and information is that "data consists of raw facts and figures but it is in such a form that it is difficult to conclude any result from it whereas information is arranged data that tells something new to us and we can make a decision or conclude a result from it."
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Data is the raw material to create information. For example when you fill out a form it is considered raw material or unprocessed facts (data) it is then used to maintain a record and create information. Information is the useful facts of raw material, Information is more important than data.
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Hello dear

Here are the few differences b/w data and information regarding computers hope you will accept it....

1 data is form of raw facts and figures

1 information is a processed data
2 data can be collected in unsequenced form

2 while information would automatically in a meaningfull presentation
3 computer works on complete and thorough information

3 computer annot differ in unsequenced data figures
4 there is no way to manipulate process raw data at discrete/ hardware level in the computing machine
4 computing machine needs the proper and understandable way of communicating and presenting data to share information

5 at last data simply un understandable

5 while information is complete image of understandable data
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Data- Data are raw facts. Computer programs work or data. Data are basic facts.
E.g. 121279 is a data. It has no meaning. It may be a date of birth, number of rupees etc.
Information- Meaningful data are information. Information are organized data.
E.g. 12-12-79 is a date of birth of a person, Rs.121279 is an amount of money.
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Data are raw facts that constitutes building block of constitutions. Data are part of database. Data are representation of facts, concepts or instructions in a formalized matter suitable for communication.
Information is organized data which is given some meaning and usefulness for decision making.
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Well I'll show you an example of information

Ex: I had 20 more...chocolate bars that my friends. There were 5 of my friends and they each had between 15 and twenty put this information in a bar graph and if you don't know what a bar graph is good luck and data is kinda the same thing
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Actually data and information are not the same thing. Data is/are facts. Information is what data is changed into be able to share. Date is always correct. Information is not. For an example, I am 28 years old. This is data. I can not be 28 and 62 years old at the same time. However, there can be two informational files stating these two ages. A computer takes data and turns it into information it can use using the binary number system.
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When the data is processed through the computer. For example; A business up dating the daily recipts into to computer so that the company would know how much they made that day besides many other factors. Such as what was the best selling product sold that day and on and on.
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A simple difference between a data and information is that data is an unprocessed thing while information is the processed data which gives good meaning.for example an uncooked rice can be said to be a data because it cant be eaten like that so the cooked rice is the information which gives meaning the the raw data (the raw rice).

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I think there is no clearer explanation of the difference between data and information. I too thought for a long time about how to define the difference between these concepts, until I started wondering about tableau and shopify data export. With alphaserve I didn't have a problem with it, as exporting data with their app is easily done.

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I'm afraid your question is redundant. By the very definition of the two words, data IS information. If this was not the clarification you were looking for, please be more specific, such as "How do computers convert binary data into graphics (or documents, etc.)...

Good luck!

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