If Volcanoes Get Their Magma From The Crust Below Them, What Can You Say About The Silica Content Of Earth's Crust Under The Oceans?


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Wow! I have the EXACT same ? And I NEED the answer asap. Thanks.
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This is taken from the following link:

Shield volcanoes, with their gentle slopes and curved profile, are the
largest of all volcanoes. They are built up from repeated basaltic
flows, often beginning at the ocean floor. Basaltic magma has a
relatively low silica content, allowing it to flow readily. As a
result, shield volcanoes are characterized by lava flows rather than
explosive pyroclastic activity. Shield volcanoes are most commonly
formed above hot spots under basaltic oceanic crust.


I Googled the following exact phrase in the advanced search and got a few good links:

silica content earth's crust under oceans

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