What Is The Temperature Of The Earths Crust Mantle Inner Core And Outer Core?


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This is from a Science book. I don't know the temperature of the crust, but I do know that the mantle is 870 degrees Celsius, the outer core is 2,200 degrees Celsius, and the inner core is 5,000 degrees Celsius. I hope this helps! :)
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The absolute inner core of the earth, which is mostly iron and nickle, would be around 13,000 degrees (that's hotter than the sun).  Then it ranges from 8,000 to 6-7,000 to 1600 to 32 degrees as you come towards the surface.
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6000 degrees Celsius
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A few 100 ft it is 52 degree Fahrenheit but as one drill deeper it will come up approximately 1 degree after every 100 foot.
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About 6,000 C this is a very COLD part of the earth!

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