Is The Earths Crust Destabilizing?


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William Harkin answered just seems like that because of all the disasters lately
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I don't know there are alout of things that could happen I think all the places are fsllen in the peace for the end thoe the rise of the water? The heating inside the earth ? Ahole already found in our magnetic feild ? Earthquaks and tsunamis also valconos including the super valcano in yellow stone are all over due the earth is due for another roatation all the plants are due for them all to line up the sun is haveing the highest solar flares in years and the myan calender something is going to happen don't know what maybe not 12-21-12 but something bad is going to happen next year a no dought in my mind god bless'
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Depends on what your veiw is. It is all you own interpretation on the topic. I feel that we are heading to a polar shift one that will occur quickly this could be enough to cause the the crust to destabilize, but on the other hand it could not. I feel that there will be some large disasters over the next decades such as large tsunamis and large earthquakes of the likes that we have never seen before. But I feel that we will be able to cope with this.

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