What Is The Best Example Of Deposition?


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Deposition (also known as desublimination) is the process by which a gas transforms directly into a solid, without ever occurring in a liquid state.

Examples of deposition include:
1. Water- If you've ever pulled a tray of ice-cubes out of the freezer, you may have noticed a 'mist' or 'smoke' rising from the surface of the ice.

This is an example of deposition,s because the water in ice evaporates before the solid is able to melt.

2. Dry Ice- Is the most common example of deposition. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. When it's exposed to temperatures above -78.5 °C, it begins turning into a gas.

The picture above shows pellets of dry ice in a tub of water. Instead of melting into the liquid, the solid carbon dioxide turn straight into a gas.

3. Menthol cigarettes contain a small amount of solid menthol which, when lit and smoked, becomes an inhalable gas.

Just to confuse things, the word 'deposition' is also a legal term used in the United States and Canada, and is the process by which lawyers collect out-of-court statements from witnesses for use in courtroom litigation.
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In sub-freezing temperatures, water vapor changes directly to ice.

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