What Are The Characteristic Features Of Amoeba?


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Some of the characteristics of amoeba are shared with human beings, such as mobility, Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the ability to destroy pathogens internally (as with human antibodies) and uses carbon, in its organic form, for growth, and converting chemical energy (as opposed to sunlight) for sustenance.

In other ways, the characteristics of the amoeba are much different to those of humans.

Amoebas are single-celled organisms which move by use of 'temporary' feet known as pseudopods, which they extrude from their own cytoplasm. To eat, say a bacteria, amoebas use their pseudopods to wrap around their food and use enzymes to form a cavity from which they draw nutrients.  This process is known as phagocytosis.

Amoeba reproduce asexually by cell division, although some scientists now believe this is a relatively recent evolutionary development. Freshwater amoeba have the ability to expel water to maintain the correct internal pressure and to regulate their salt content.

You can see a freshwater amoeba reproduce in this way by watching this film:


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