What Are The Characteristics Of Protozoa?


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Protozoa is basically a microorganism which can be classified as a unicellular eukaryotes. Such as Amoeba, ciliate etc. Following are the characteristics of Protozoa:

- They are unicellular microorganisms.
- They grow up to 1 mm.
- They can be seen only under a microscope.
- They exist in aqueous environments and soil.
- They prey upon unicellular or filamentous algae, bacteria etc.
- They can be herbivores or consumers in the decomposition chain.
- They help in controlling bacteria population.
- They are a great food source for micro invertebrates.
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Unicellular and are aquatic animals
can be seen by microscope
having different stuctuers for locimotion e.g flagella, cillia etc
asexual reproduction occur by budding , segmentation
sexual reproduction by conjugation method
having differentiated cytoplasm

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