How Do I Care For A Flowering Floracion Planted Outside Over The Winter In Wisc?


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The floracion, which appears to be a type of fuchsia, is a perennial plant. As such, it has to be prepared for the winter. This involves a few simple steps and will result in the plant returning fit and healthy in the following spring.

  • Fertilizing
Perennials should not be fertilized after the end of their growing season, usually either late in summer or early on in fall. In this way, they are allowed to prepare for the period of dormancy, rather than being encouraged to continue growing.

  • Trimming or Pruning
Many perennials will enter complete dormancy, meaning they will die right back to the ground each winter. These plants should therefore be trimmed right back. Speaking from experience, cutting a fuchsia right back to a stump will not destroy it, it will encourage even more exuberant growth the following year. In addition, cutting back will reduce the chances of a disease developing during the winter months, as well as making the beds look much tidier.

  • Watering
The plant should have one last good watering before any hard frost is expected. Once frost sets in, watering should be avoided at all costs. Not only does the plant not need it in its dormant stage, developing ice crystals may also damage the root system and, in the worst case scenario, kill the plant altogether.

  • Mulching
Although this is not quite so vital in milder climates, perennials exposed to extremely harsh winter conditions certainly benefit from being protected by a thick layer of mulching material, such as bark or wood chippings, for instance. This, by the way, will not only provide a kind of warming blanket for the plant, it also discourages the growth of weeds.

Once prepared and protected like this, the plant will safely survive winter and live to see another year.

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