What Are Columbus Clouds?


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Basically speaking, Columbus clouds refer to a type of cloud that is known to bring rain. They are formed by the convergence and condensation of numerous water particles when they reach a certain low degree of temperature.

The most noticeable thing about this type of cloud is that when they are sighted either in the horizon or covering the whole sky, they imply that it is just about to rain. However, when you look upwards into the sky and do not see these clouds, most likely, the weather is going to be sunny and fine for most of that day.

Basically, Columbus clouds are very white in colour. However, this is not to disqualify the fact that it is still possible to see a couple of grey markings on these clouds. The grey is used to determine how heavy the rain will be.

Even within the category of Columbus clouds, there are other different kinds of clouds. All of these kinds derive from a combination of Columbus clouds and some other clouds. For instance, there is the alto Columbus clouds.

Also, Columbus clouds look very beautiful. Mostly, they look like little white feathers floating in the sky. This is when they are sparse. If the sky has these kinds of clouds, you can be certain that it is not likely to rain. However, when the sky is full of the Columbus type of clouds which look like lots of soapy foam, then it is time to get your laundry in because it will pour heavily.

To come to a conclusion, apart from Columbus clouds, there are other kinds of clouds. These include cirrus clouds and stratus clouds. Both of them are also unique and identified in their own way. However, most people are interested in Columbus for the logical reason that they are the rain bringing clouds.

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