How To Avoid Water Pollution In Locality?


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Water pollution is a problem that is becoming increasingly common, because of mankind's carefree attitude towards the planet's natural resources. It doesn't matter whether you are two people living in a small flat or a large multi-billion dollar company, we all contribute to the pollution of streams, rivers, lakes, oceans and seas. Luckily, there are still ways for us to cut back on our pollution and waste products and therefore help to prevent further water pollution. Below are some ways that ordinary people can reduce the amount of waste that they release into the environment.
Make sure that you correctly dispose of any polishes, paints and cleaning products to prevent them from finding their way into water. Seal them in a plastic bag and then take them to a proper recycling center or landfill site. Correctly disposing of cooking oils is something that will really help to cut down on water pollution. If these oils are washed down a sink, then not only would they cause water pollution, but they could also severely damage water and sewage systems, as the oils would harden in the pipes. These can be properly disposed of by placing them in a plastic container and then taking them to a grease bin, which can usually be found outside restaurants, or to a landfill site.
Non-biodegradable items including sanitary towels and tampons should not be flushed down the toilet, as they will end up in the oceans. Always throw them in the trash. Do your part for the environment by helping to pick trash and other waste out of your local streams and lakes. Some communities will organize days where people will get together and do a lake clean up. If you go down to the beach, then make sure that you wear thick plastic gloves and get rid of the rubbish properly.
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Put ban on plastic materials will minimize pollution by 50% , stop dumping waste materials will help another 15 % , stop using harmful fertilizers will minimized another 15% , rest 20% is industrial wastes

I think gradually implementing methods  to overcome pollution can make some change
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Keep the surroundings clean,Check Sources

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