If I Wanted To Isolate S.aureus From A Pus Specimen Containing A Mixed Flora What Medium Would I Choose To Get More Results Rapidly?


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If you want to isolate S. Aureus, then you can use the general purpose medium. It will give you a growth in just 24 hours on proper incubation that is 30-35 degree celsius. General purpose media include e.g. Soya-bean casein digest agar or broth, or nutrient agar or broth. But the disadvantage is that you will have mixed growth. From this mixed culture, you have to perform chemical identification tests for the species identification.
The time saving and more easy is to choose the "Selective Medium" that is a type of medium containing specific nutrients for the particular organism. "Mannitol Salt Agar or broth is the best media for the isolation purpose. It will not allow others bacteria to grow, so permits only the Staph. Aureus to grow.

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