What Is The Economic Importance Of Honeybee?


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More importantly honey bees pollinate the flowers of plants providing us with the food we eat. I in 3 bites of food you take is on your table because a honey bee has pollinated a plant.
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In nature, the bees are able to make honey, but man could not manufacture it artificially in spite of his modern technical know-how. In the crop of bee, the nectar is changed into honeybee by losing a certain amount of water and becoming chemically altered. The salivary enzyme converts the complex sugar of nectar into the simple sugar of honey.
Honey makes an important food for man and other animals. It is a natural antiseptic due to the presence of an anti-bacterial agent, which also prevents honey from spoiling. It prevents infection if placed on a wound. Certain prehistoric Indian tribe of Central America smeared honey on the stump of amputated arms or legs.
It is secreted in the form of small flakes by five pairs of ventral abdominal glands. Bees consume 10kg of honey to produce one kg of wax. It is used extensively in the manufacture of slaves, varnishes, polishes and various waxes. It is also used for medical purposes.
The honeybees are probably of greatest importance of agriculture in the pollination of plants. They are the only pollinating insects, which can be controlled by man and therefore, are very valuable to him.
To some extent, bees annoy man by their stings. Bee venom is a complex substance possessing a protein-major part, as formerly believed. It is one of the toxic natural poisons known to man. Drop by drop it is more poisonous than even rattle snake venom.
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Pollination of plants and trees, and the honey there produce.

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