What Is The Scope Of Automobile Engineering?


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Automobile engineering incorporates numerous disciplines which allow for greater scope in the possibilities of general or specialist careers open to qualified candidates. The world of automobile manufacture is a thriving market place with an ever increasing number of motor vehicles, as there are more car, buses, trucks, recreational vehicles on the road than ever before. This in turn creates a strong demand for good people to be able to design, manufacture and maintain the vehicles and their subsystems.

Safety engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and of course, in more modern times, software engineering are all vital aspects of the industry that to some degree or other come under the umbrella of Automobile Engineering. You only need to take a look at the myriad of car advertisements on the television, and their various selling points to realise what goes into the design and manufacture of an automobile.

A course in Automobile Engineering should take you step by step through the design and manufacturing process of vehicles, from conception through to the point of final assembly. In the undertaking a course in Automobile Engineering it is a necessity to have a good back ground in maths and science, preferably in the arena of physics as this understanding will be vital when encountering technology incorporating mechanics, electrical motion and thermodynamics among other concepts.

Students that graduate and excel in this vocationally focused environment have the option of applying for jobs in the automobile industry or can set up on their own, as former consultant to Toyota, Jonathan Ward is a testament to. Ward founded his own business, TLC in 1996;  a company now manufacturing their own bespoke four wheel drive trucks with some selling at over $100,000 per vehicle.
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Automobile Engineering has a lot of scope nowadays and even in future. Automobiles are a common feature these days and everyone wants to have a car. New technologies have been developed by automobile engineers to improve the engine, design and cost of automobiles. They can get jobs in automobile manufacturing companies, Service centers and they can also successfully run their own businesses in this field.
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Ya its one of the interesting course which i hv ever finished
now i am employed as an executive manager in audi company (germany)
after i had done my MBA for that
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Hello sir/mam
what u wrote was correct but what abt. Mechanical engineers they also get jobs in automobile fields
then wont that cost us(automobile engineers)
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That sounds nice but where anh how can i study the bachelor's in automobile engineering. I'm a diploma holder in this field
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Auto mobil has great scope to next ten years :) so get benefit of joining
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If you were interested in this field it never ruin you
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Hi Anonymous, Yes only there is definitely a better scope for a career automobile because in future computers fields will crumble down.
I know that because I am from the IT field, and am really struggling to find work.

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No scope

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