What Is The Scope Of Mechanical Engineering In Automobile Industry?


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Mechanical engineering skills are involved in many of the fields of the automobile industry. Calculation of the required power for a car, dimensioning of the mechanical parts (i.e. crank shaft, cylinder-s wall, etc.), calculation of the required cooling system, crash energy absorbing devices, ABS and brakes calculation, steering devices, hydraulics and pneumatics involved in the car design, energy saving and, recently, hybrid cars have brought electric motors and controls into the automotive field. An example of the calculations made by mechanical engineers, is the definition of the proper engine valve opening and closing and the related cam shaft shape, as well as the definition of the type and size of the fuel pump
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I think the scope of mechanical engineering in automobile sector is increasing rapidly worldwide. It is firstly evident from the fact that out of all of the mechanical engineers in the world, the estimated unemployed are only 7% while total percentage of unemployed engineers is 15%. Not only in the automobile industry but in cement industries,chemical industries, heavy carriage factories etc. The demand of mechanical engineers is increasing. Even the scope of female mechanical engineers have increased by 6%. The average annual salary of a mechanical is about $63,000, which shows that they earn a handsome salary. Moreover, the competition in automobile sector has increased and therefore, in future there will be more demand of mechanical engineers.

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This has wide scope in all sector
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In the the automobile industries ,Mach engineers give plinth in production.they give the design for engines & you know that engine auto body can't move.

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