What Is The Scope In Polymer Engineering?


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The scope in polymer engineering is worldwide as there has been a shift in the greater use of polymers as medals and in vehicles where they make for better fuel economy especially in India.

Polymer engineering generally designs, analyzes and modifies polymer materials. It covers aspects from the petrochemical industry, the polymerization structure and structure property relations and their applications.

  • Possible careers
Careers such as production supervisor, mould designer and quality control inspector are all popular in polymer engineering. They can also take up career posts in either the public or private sectors. Jobs are available in plastics, automotive, electronics, aerospace, power transmission and similar manufacturing industries in the private sector.

In the public sector, polymer engineers may well discover employment in India with the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural gas, Oil and Natural Gas Commission and Oil India Laboratories, petrochemicals engineering bodies. Students who have completed polymer science courses in India are now offered lucrative roles in multinational corporations, manufacturing monsters and research laboratories.

  • Required skills
The skills required to be success in this career include analytical, communication and teamwork skills and you will need to be hardworking, have good organizational skills and be able to solve problems. The duties of chemical engineers can overlap in this field so you must be aware of other aspects of chemical engineering.

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