Do You Think Ancient Societies Were As Concerned About The Environment As Modern Societies Are Today?


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I believe that ancient societies cared about the earth more than we do. I believe they cared more because they were reasonable what they took and gave back. For example Native Americans went around killing animals they needed for food, clothing and shelter similar to us however, they did use mostly ALL the parts of the animals they killed. As we today do not use all parts of things we take and tend to take too much.
As for the land they used they did tend to ruin it by planting overly on it and than just moving on to more land, which, is the similar today expect we have technology to use harmful sprays for our own needs of killing or keeping away pest animals.
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Aisha answered
Its all about what what kind of living structure they had, what products they used and how they dumped them. The ancient societies had a simple living structure. They used what we call now purely organic products which were naturally made. There were no factory or machine made products. Everything that was naturally available was used. For e.g they used animals for transportation, plant leaves as wrappers to food etc and purely hand made thread for fabrics. So in a way they took more care of the environment then we are doing. Partly because there was no such technology to produce environment polluting goods.

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