How Do I Make A 3D Model Of The Sun?


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The three dimensional model of the sun is a very good representation of the sun, which shows how a sun really looks like and how the light rays are projected from the sun? Things you would require to build a three dimensional model of the sun are as follows:

* Waxed paper

* Styrofoam ball

* Glue

* Yellow tissue paper

* Pipe cleaners

* Beads

* Glitter

The procedure of making the three dimensional model of the sun is listed below:

1. Place a piece of wax paper down to protect your surface.

2. Combine the glue with the water.

3. Tear the yellow tissue paper in to small pieces, example 1-2 inches pieces of tissue paper.

4. Now, coat the foam ball with glue.

5. Paste the pieces of tissue paper on the ball.

6. Do the above steps until the ball is smooth. It is fine if you overlap the pieces of tissue paper.

7. Carry on this process till the ball is completely covered.

8. When the ball is still wet sprinkle some glitter over the ball and let it dry.

9. Don't forgot to turn the ball every 10 to 15 minutes as it would be still wet and all sides of the ball need to be dried out.

10. As soon as the ball is dried, use the pipe cleaners to make rays of the sun.

11. Stick the pipe cleaners to the foam ball in a row.

12. Do the above step until a row of rays is created around the ball.

13. Now you can either leave the pipe cleaners straight, or you can do some creativity like bending the pipe cleaners in spiral shape and adding beads at the end.

14. In the end, take a piece of yarn or string and tie it with one of the pipe cleaners and hang your sun anywhere you like.

The above mentioned instructions will help you create a very good three dimensional model of the sun. For more details, you can visit the link
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There are lots and lots of websites on the internet that can help you with building up your own 3D model of the sun. You would need some household items like glue, colored paper sheets, glaze paper, etc. Here is one such link which will help you out:
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First, make a sphere. Then make 6 pyramids around it
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Get a polystyrene ball and cut it in different ways to show the inside and outside, colour it yellow etc.

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