Who Invented The First Flush Toilet?


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There is substantial evidence to suggest that flushing toilets have been around since around 2000 BC. In Greek times, King Minos had flush out toilets with pans and wooden seats, not too dissimilar to those that we know today. The Romans also brought a type of flushing toilet to Britain. The remains of a communal flushing toilet can be sen on Hadrian's Wall in England. However, gravity also played quite a role in this toilet! But after the Romans left, the concept of flushing toilets died a death until 1596.
Sir John Harington, who was the godson of Queen Elizabeth lst. is reputed to have invented a flushing loo in 1596, although it was ridiculed at the time.
The first commercially produced toilets were really only invented around 1885 (although between 1775 and 1885, the design was being adapted and refined) by Thomas Telford, who was based near the Potteries in the Midlans of England. Twyfords as a company still produce toilets today.
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The first-known flush toilet made its appearance in Greece on the isle of Crete about 3, 700 years ago. Naturally it belonged to the queen. It had a wooden seat, an earthenware pan, and a whole mess of drains and pipes that "flushed" the wastes away when water was poured into the system. As Greek civilization rose, the toilet was improved upon. My favorite is the one invention of an out house being built up on legs on a beach. As the tide comes in it washes the waste away!
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The flush toilet was not something that was invented by one person and all of a sudden "here", but was rather "started" and then had minor adjustments and improvements along the way, as is the case with a lot of inventions.

One name that goes hand in hand though with the flush toilet is Thomas Craper (which actually has two "p's" in it but Blurtit won't let me spell it like that as it deems it offensive!) Although he didn't invent the flush toilet, he is widely attributed with making the flush toilet a lot closer to what it is today.

If you go here, you can find a list of all significant contributors to the flush toilet we know (and love!) today.
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hi, oc4ever, you can post the name- Thomas Crapper now, sorry for the inconvenience.
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Here it is! This man for Inventing the toilet was knighted by the Queen, and in all your history books is known as "Sir Crapper", and is the one who developed the siphon method used in flushing the toilet! It seems so simple now, but was totally unknown in the 1800's.
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Thomas crapper
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You would be surprised to know that Thomas Craper DID NOT invent the toliet! Mr. Crapper was a plumber and had 9 inventions geared toward plumbing but he never invented the toliet
  The toliet datese back to the Greeks. A toliet was discoverewd in a Chinese king's tomb in the Han Dynasty.
  The true inventer of the toliet is not known exatly!
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The person that invented the toilet is Mr. Sir Crapper. As a fact Mr. Sir Crapper said that,"we should all have the right to crap in toilets like my name Mr. Sir Crapper".

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