What Is The Historical Background Of Psychology?


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The ancient roots of psychology

Psychology is an ancient discipline which has been researched and studied in some form for many thousands of years. Psychology existed as a practise in Ancient Greece, Egypt and India with these ancient civilizations analyzing people, mind and soul. The subject of psychology as we know it today was developed from these first attempts of understanding the mind of individuals. Psychology has developed massively and has and will continue to develop further. It was the 1870s which saw the introduction of psychology as a discipline of its own.

Psychology from 1870

As I mentioned above psychology became a distinct discipline of its own in the late 1870s. The period from 1870 through until around World War II has probably seen the most drastic developments, of which, these are some of the most notable:

· 1978: The development of the first official designated laboratory to be used specifically for psychological experimenting

· 1886 - 1939: These were the active years of Sigmund Freud. Freud is probably the most well known and prolific psychologist ever. His studies and theories remain amongst the most well known and read studies of all time.

· 1901: This year saw the introduction of the British Psychological Society which is still an integral part of psychology today.

· 1936 - 1939: Electroconvulsive therapy was developed in this time and was used for the first time in 1939.

· 1942: This year saw Carl Rodgers introduce the psychological world to working with and counseling individuals to help with problems, this has been adopted globally and is now a common practice.

Psychology today

One of the most notable features of psychology is its dynamic nature. It is continually changing and will continue to do so throughout the future study of it.

New and exciting theories and developments are being made all of the time, increasingly so with the high number of students who choose to study the subject at university. As well as the new theories which are developed, psychologists continue to argue their stance on past developments such as the nature versus nurture debate.

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