How Much Time Does Bleach Take To Fully Evaporate, And Dissipate?


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Bleach (clorox) is one of the best and least expensive ways to disinfect nonporous surfaces. When mixed with the right amount of water (check a bottles label) Hospitals, child care facilities, schools, malls, grocery stores, etc use it to clean stuff like the floors, toys, tables, display racks, etc. I use it to clean my cutting board and they add it to the tap water in most if not all city's water to make it safe to drink.

Bleach dissipates quickly, meaning it disappears from the surface it's used on. As long as the bleach has dried completely the surface is safe to use. Where as Lysol and the Clorox wipes leave a residue.

Bleach can eat through some of the rubber parts of some things and can wear them down quicker, that would be my main concern.

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