I Did An Experiment On Evaporation. The Liquids Evaporated In This Order: Rubbing Alcohol, Water, Vinegar, Pop, Juice And Bleach. Why?


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There are numerous factors that determine how quickly or slowly a liquid evaporates in air. The reason why these substances would have evaporated in this order is due to these scientific"rules";

Why do some liquids evaporate faster than others?
  • The concentration of the substance evaporating in the air: If the air already has a high concentration of a substance, then that substance will evaporate slower.
  • The concentration of other substances in the air: If the air is already full of other substances, then it will evaporate a new substance slower.
  • The flow rate of the air: If new air is moving over the substance it will evaporate quicker, because a higher volume of air will be in contact with the substance. The higher volume means there is a smaller chance of the air being too saturated (see the the previous two points).
  • Inter-molecular forces: This is the strength of the bonds between molecules in a substance. For example, water has a much higher molecular weight than rubbing alcohol, but because of the strength of water's Hydrogen bonds, it evaporates slower.
  • Pressure: A substance can evaporate more easily if there is less air pressure "holding down" the molecules.
  • Surface area: The larger the surface area, the quicker a substance will evaporate. This is because more molecules are exposed to the air and therefore are able to "escape".
  • Temperature: If a substance is hot then its molecules will have a higher amount of kinetic energy, which again will make it easier for them to escape.
  • Density: A substance with a high density will evaporate much more slowly than one with a lower density.
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It all depends on the mass of the liquid's molecules, the attraction to each other, how dense the liquids are, and the concentration of other substances in the liquid.

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