What Is The Normal Fully Digestion Time For A Human Being?


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Eat a meal with corn and you might be able to calculate your own digestive time - it varies depending on ones health, plus there is the variability of humans, and age, exercise, and other factors to consider.
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The time that a normal human adult takes to fully digest food is between 2 to 3 hours to as long as 24 hours depending on what type of food you have eaten.
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I agree with the answer. However, if you have a high metabolism , it may be sooner.
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Please disregard Amaq443's answer, he is obviously very ill and should seek medical attention ASAP!!!! Yes, food types do determine the speed of the process as does your own metabolism and health, as there is no "normal" speed of metabolism it is better to estimate between 1 to three days and longer, some people have bowel movements once a week.
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I ate corn at 6pm, pooped it out at 7am the next morning after eating cereal. The next day I ate corn again at 6pm, and didnt poop it out until 6 days later. Didnt have a bowel movement for 6 days!!!! I had REAL bad diahrea and pooped probably like 10 times that day and went threw 6 rolls of TP. So I don't know. I guess anywhere from 10hours to 6 days or more....
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I've heard its 24 hours in health class it might not be much help I don't know.
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A chicken breast will stay, at least the last of it, for about 24 hours. I found this out today the hard way.
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I wouldn't know.  I've never ate one.

This website has a good discussion of the digestive tract; www.niddk.nih.gov

This website www.time.com,9171,732262,00.html  says "normal "rapid" stomachs digest
a meal in two and a half hours. Other normal "slow" stomachs require
three and a half hours for the process. Those rates pertain only to the
stomach. Digestion proceeds all the way down the ten yards of bowels. "

And this one is good:  www.time.com  It claims digestive times range from 1.5 to 6 hours, depending on the type of food.

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