A Circular Fountain 10 Ft In Diameter Has A Circular Walk 3 Ft Wide Paved Around It. What Is The Area Of The Walk?


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View this design as one smaller circle inside a bigger circle. The smaller circle is the circular fountain and the larger circle is that plus the walk around it. The area of the walk would be the difference between the area of the larger circle and the smaller circle.

Area of the fountain:
diameter = 10
radius = 10/2=5
Area = pi.r2
Area = 3.14 x (5)2
Area = 78.5 feet2

Area of fountain + walk:
diameter = 10 + 3 = 13
radius = 13/2 = 6.5
Area = pi.r2
Area = 3.14 x (6.5)2
Area = 132.6 feet2

Area of the circular walk = Area of larger circle - area of smaller circle
  = 132.6 - 78.5
  = 54.1 feet2

Therefore, the area of the walk around the fountain is 54.1 square feet.
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Jeff W answered
You obviously have two circles here, the fountain which is also the inside of the circular walk and the other circle is the outside of the circular walk. Now using your formula for the area of a circle figure out the size of the big circle and subtract the area of the small circle (the area of the fountain), that will leave the area of the circular sidewalk. (Your answer will be a whole number a little less than 70pi.)

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