Explain Data Transmission Media In Detail?


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Data transmission is the transfer of data. Data can be transferred via a variety of methods. One of the most common methods is the fairly recent invention of wireless internet and other wireless communication methods.

  • Example of data transmission media
Wireless has changed the way we transmit data, particularly media data. Data can also be transmitted via storage devices such as memory cards, USB sticks, computers and disks like CDs. Copper wires and optical fibers are also used in transmitting media data.

  •   How data is transmitted
There are many channels for transmitting data. Copper wires were originally used to transmit data due to the simplicity, but over recent years the price of copper has risen and it is also prone to interference from other wires.

Twisting the wires and coating them in plastic minimized the interference and this is often what is done on telephone wires. You will also find that aerial wires are surrounded by a metal coating that minimizes interference even further.

  • Guided media

Transmission media can either be guided or unguided. When it is guided, the data is sent along cables, such as the copper wires mentioned above, but it can be any kind of wiring.

It can be sent along an open wire, with items such as power poles, but as there is no protection from noise or interference this method cannot be used for all types of media data. This is a problem for long distance data transmissions.

  • Unguided media

Unguided media occurs when no cabling is involved and the data is transmitted via signals but they are not specifically guided along a path.

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