What Is #include?


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"#" is called 'preprocessor' and 'include' is a keyword. "#include" is used to include header files like #include <conio.h> or #include <iostream.h> or #include "user_defined.h"
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#include is not a header file.eg stdio.h is a header file.#include means just include the properties of particular header files in a program.
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Mesak Lawmkima, Jr.Technician, ZENICS Ltd. Aizawl
#include in the C language is the pre-processor command, it contains the header files such as stdio.h, math.h, etc. To execute the required function of the program.
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#include is a parameter only with # as notation for preprocessor and include is command to include any other file's source code in your  current source code. Withen file name in #include

try to learn preprocessors
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# active the platform and include take the property of any header file for Ex. Stdio.h, conio.h, math.h etc.

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