Perceptual process includes what?


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Perceptual process includes all of our senses so that we are able to perceive what is around us and react to that. Our senses are: Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

It is possible to experience all of these senses at the same time, and it means that we are able to make decisions, often unconsciously, on what are senses tell us. These can be extreme reactions or everyday ones that we do not even think about.

For example, if we were to hear, and perhaps see, a car speeding towards us, our reaction would be to get out of the way quickly before we are killed; or if we were to walk past a restaurant and smell something delicious, we may react by wanting to eat something.

  • Another perceptual process
Besides the five senses that have already been mentioned, and what the usual things people think about when perception is mentioned, there is something else that should be included in the perceptual process. This is called pro-prioception, and this is the ability to be able to notice changes in body movements and positions.

In other words, it is the perceptual process that allows us to be able to read body language, which can often be subtle but is a vital way of communicating.
It is also a cognitive process that enables the brain to be able to process information that it receives, such as recognizing somebody that we know, whether that is their face or their voice. 

  • Sequences
Although we are more aware of some stimuli than of others, what we are not consciously aware of are the very many sequences that occur each time that we experience a stimulus. For example, just looking at something means that there is a huge sequence of events from the light on your retina to how that is processed, and these sequences are occurring all of the time.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating subject, have a look at this site: It is informative and does not use medical speak that the majority of us cannot understand.

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