Is there an edge to the universe?


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Most seem to think that the universe is endless, but it is very hard to prove, so if you want to think about there being an edge to it, there is no reason that you can't. If there is an edge to the universe,I wonder whats over the edge.
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No edge,i believe that there are many universe's back to back never ending,
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Tony Newcastle
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That's correct. In fact, some of the Universes are stuck together backwards, rather like Sinhalese twins.
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The fact is no-one knows. There are lots of theories though; whichever you choose they all say the universe is infinite in a round about way.
1. The big bang expanded space and time outward at the speed of light and because nothing goes faster than the speed of light you consider the 'edge' of the universe to be unreachable so over that infinite time scale, it's infinite.
2. Our universe is one of many floating in a void with other universes like bubbles. As on hits another they form an even bigger on as one bleeds into the other. In this one I suppose the void would be the edge, but that in itself is considered infinite.
3. The universe is curved and it loops back on itself in a doughnut type way, thought this would make space finite there would be no actual edge.

This is all theoretical physics mind you and none can be proved, but you can relax at the idea that even if it isn't infinite and has an edge, it's so monumentally huge you'd never reach the end of it anyway. Also enjoy that in an infinite universe, everything isn't just possible it's a mathematical certainty.
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Space is totaly crazy I dont even want to think about it, it bleeds my brain
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No the universe has no edge as it's roughly spherical in shape with a diameter of  65 billion light years.
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Nope  as our universe now extends into another one and that one into the next and so forth so no, no boundary exists but just how these Universes goes exactly is infinite

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