In Angola, What Are The Main Ethnic Groups?


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Angola has about 90 ethnic groups, but the three main ethnic groups, which make up about three-fourths of the country's population, are the Bantu-speaking groups, Ovimbundu (which makes up about 37 per cent of Angola's population), Mbundu (about a quarter of the country's population) and Bakongo (which accounts for about 13 per cent of Angola's population).

A majority of the remaining one-quarter of Angolans are members of either the Chokwe (or Lunda), Ganguela, Nhaneca-Humbe, Ambo, Herero or Xindunga ethnic groups. Two per cent of Angola's population are mesticos (Angolans of mixed European, primarily Portuguese, and African family groups) and the remaining one per cent comprises mainly ethnic Portuguese (white) people.

The most well-known of the Bantu tribes are the Ba-Kongo (or Ba-Fiot) and the Abunda (also called M'bunda or Ba-Bundo), who live in the north and central part of the Congo district respectively. There are also other tribes in Angola, such as the Bangala, who live on the west bank of the upper Kwango, the Bangala of the middle Congo and the Ba-Lunda from the Lunda province.

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