What Are Canada's Largest Ethnic Groups?


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Maybe Caucasian, African, Asian, East Indian, and Latin American  ?
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Although their total proportion of the population has declined over the decades, Canada's largest linguistic, or ethnic group remains the English. The English comprised 20% of the population in 2001. The 2001 Census also found that the English were followed in second place by the French, who stood at just under 16%. The Scottish still form a sizeable minority, making up 14% of the population, while the Irish are just under 13%.

After the French and Anglo-Saxon groups, the Germans form the largest minority, comprising 9% of the population. The Italians follow at 4%, the Chinese at around 3.7% and the Ukrainians at 3.6%

The Pacific Islanders form Canada's smallest ethnic group, according to the results of the 2001 Census, with a total population of only 125.

An interesting change to Canada's census is that "Canadians" currently form not only a nationality, but also an ethnicity. As a result, citizens can mark that they are simply "Canadian" on the census. Over 39% of the population was Canadian by ethnicity in 2001. Most of these people, however, probably have English or French roots.
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But what are the 5 MAIN ethnicities in Canada. That's the answer I'm looking for.
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By Canadian you probably mean British(including Irish and Scottish) and French which have 40% Irish ancestry dating back to New France, in addition to Native Canadians. Intermarraige has been happening for a long time.

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