Describe Several Reasons Why Conflict May Occur During Objective-setting Activities?


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Objective-setting activities are often hotbeds for conflict, since they are group activities. People who meet to set objectives will all have their own agendas, and they may have different interpretations of facts. Thus, an "argument" or debate phase is quite normal during objective-setting activities - especially at a for-profit corporation or company.

A Conflict Phase Is Quite Normal

• Principal company members will fight for what they perceive as the best objectives for a business concern - often, issues related to mission statements, pricing, marketing, product rollouts and staff hiring and firing will be discussed. Once the merits of certain objectives have been debated, principals will move on and decide on business objectives for the short or long term (or both).

• Decision making is an important part of business success; without the right market research and sales figures, company members may not be able to make decisions without endless arguments or issues. Therefore, conflict can be alleviated, or even eliminated, when a company carries out proper due diligence during the fiscal year.

Sometimes, objective-setting activities will run more smoothly when staff is given reports that detail the performance, profits, and liabilities of a company. Market research may be outsources to firms who examine a company's public impact, before reporting back to company principals, who use the information to smooth out the decision making process.

Objective-setting is a periodic process that sets goals and timelines for people to follow; it is a vital component in keeping a business or project on track. Business people who want to hone their objective-setting skills may take courses that help to isolate the variables found in typical corporate decision-making; they will use this new knowledge to reduce conflict levels during negotiations.

Skills related to conflict resolution may also help to relieve stress and reduce the possibility of "stalemates" during the objective-setting process.

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