My Joints Ache With This Cold Damp Weather. What Can I Do?


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When the autumn chill comes with bouts of prolonged rain and damp air, even slightly arthritic joints can ache more than in the very warm days of summer. Some people dread the winter because of this.
It may be possible to use an anti-inflammatory cream, which contains ibuprofen if your pain is not severe. Otherwise doctors tend to recommend that paracetemol is used to help reduce the pain.
It may also be worth using a herbal remedy such as Devil's Claw, since this can help to reduce some of the inflammation.
Some people also find that avoiding draughts can help and applying heat remedies is also said to assist. Hot patches (available from Chemists) can make joints feel more comfortable and less 'achy'.
However, there is no single cure all and if you try the above and do not find that they are giving you adequate relief then you need to talk to your doctor.

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