How Do Deer Cope With Cold Weather?


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Many don't, but for some, they grow more hair, and their hair has a way of standing up when they tighten up their skin, trapping the warmth, forming an insulation layer. Some also develop slower metabolism, so they don't have to eat as much. They migrate to more suitable areas.
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Deer are actually a winter animal, their fur is actually real thick.
And there actually a hot blooded animal. They can stand the cold and they migrate in packs
of their clans of groups of twelve or more.
In their dens they create a branch type burrow to hide from the cold.
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They find grassy knolls or deep snow where they huddle together when possible and find refuge from the bitter winds. Being from Minnesota, I know how cold it gets out there and any form of refuge in the wilderness can save your life.
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The ones around here don't even notice it . There is a corn field across the road and just about everyone around here throws table scraps out for them to eat not to mention some actually buy bags of feed for them . Then they just take a hike over to the park(yeah a park paid for and protected by the state/ troopers) and bed down in the high wild wheat grass fields under the trees.just as fat and happy as can be. These deer be smart they even know when hunting season is. So they stay hidden in peoples back yards so no one can fire at them. It's just funny to see the hunters looking all over creation for them when their in someones back yard and as soon as the hunters leave they go back out in the fields. : ).
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I've no idea really. I suppose they must be able to cope with it like any other outdoor animal. We don't have much deer where i live.  I would hate to think they were cold though cause even I can't cope in this weather. I'm on a gas meter & bin putting £40 a week on it. My body just can't seem to cope with the cold. Its depressing. I'd much rather be living where the sun shines most of the time.  You'll have me thinking about deers now tonight when i'm in bed.
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Well in the Summer they eat a lot of fatty foods, so they get fatter and in the winter they can burn that fat off. They also sleep and stay in warm thickets.
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I Guess They Pig Out On Lots Of Stuff IN The Summer Or Grow Lots Of Fur.. Because They Can't Resort To Cannibalism . It's Wrong On 10 Levels

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