Which Country Uses This Code +442?


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442 is not actually a country code, in fact it is an area code for California. Along with 760 it covers most of the southeastern and southernmost points of the state and includes Impreial, Inyo and Mono Counties alongside portions of Riverside, San Diego, San Bernadino and Kern Counties. The 442 code was approved as an overlay code for 760 in October 2008. Many opposed this decision initially, wanting to keep just the 760 area code for the region. One of the main disadvantages of an overlay number is that even people who live in the same area who are making local calls are all required to dial a ten-digit number. Having an overlay number means that a region has decided to introduce a new number to a geographic area that is already occupied by one or more existing area codes. This means that there will be more than one code serving the same area at the same time. California is one of the most recent states to adopt this overlay plan and still only has four of 27 areas that use it. Often, overlay area codes are used to allow the more established and developed sections tor retain the original area code, while other sections have the new area code. This practise is known as a split plan.

The regular increase in land line growth means that more and more numbers are in demand. Multiple split plans that have been carried out in geographical areas have caused the sections that are served by a single area code to shrink. This increase in overlays and new area codes has put an increased pressure on cell phone network providers. Every time that there is an area code change that affects the exchange, cell phone network providers need to reassign the number of every device that is based in that area.
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This isn't a country code. It's used in part of California, so it is an area code. You find this code mainly in the south and south east of California; another code used in nearby regions is 760. If you clickhere you can find a list of all the places in California which are covered by code 442.
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Isn't it the Czech country code?

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