When Did Globalisation Begin? Where Did It Start? What Were The Main Changes In The World That Supported Its Development? Is It Restricted To Certain Countries?


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Type the word into your search bar and you will get all the info you want - and more. Most often the word is spelled "globalization" however. It is a fairly simple concept if you just stop and think about it. If you have the ability to manufacture 1,000 wookles you begin by selling them to anyone you know. When everyone you know has a wookle you must look elsewhere for new customers, especially if everyone you know is beginning to tire of the wookle and  thinks that it is no longer worth the $$ you charge for it.

On the other hand, maybe your neighborhood is no longer as welcoming to the Wookle Wonder Shop because you have begun to make a lot of noise maunfacturing your wookles and  wookle dust is leading out of your window. Your neighbor want you to install and expensive wookle dust eliminator, but your contacts in China say "Do not vorry. Bring wookle to us and bring dust too."

Globalization began when the first sailing vessel splashed into the water and as transportation has steadily improved so have the possibilities for expanded markets.

Hope this helps.

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