What Does Kinetic Theory State?


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Matter exists in three states only and they are named as solid, liquid and the gas. Out of all these three states the properties of the gaseous state were determined first. These properties led scientists to think that there should be a theory about the composition of gases. This theory should also be able to explain the behavior of the gases.

These efforts were fruitful and a theory known as the kinetic theory of the gases was formulated. This theory not only explains the laws which govern the behavior of gases but it also explains the composition of the liquid and solid states of matter. This is but natural because all the three states of matter are distinct in their physical properties only while their chemical properties are same.

For instance; water in all its three states, the solid, liquid and the gas remains chemically the same compound. According to the kinetic theory of matter, every material object consists of atoms, molecules or ions. These particles possess kinetic energy and due to this they are always in a state of the motion. In gaseous state, all these particles not only collide with one another but also with the walls of the container in which the gas is enclosed.
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1) all matter is composed of small particles (atoms, molecules, and ions)
2) These particles are in constant, random motion
3) These particles are colliding with each other and the walls of their container

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