What Is The Formula Of Kinetic Energy?


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Mass is 10kg, constant velocity 5m/s, Ek=125Joules and gravitational acceleration is 9.81m/s^2. Hence, how high this object can climb an inline?
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Based on the type of kinetic energy one could be discussing and then measuring one of the accepted formulas for kinetic energy is Ek=1/2 mv2
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Kinetic energy of a body is given by the formula:
Kinetic energy (J) = ½ × mass × velocity²
This formula for kinetic energy is as required for GCSE level [UK]
KE = ½mv²
(Mass and velocity in kg and m/s respectively).
E.g. A 36kg boy is running at 3 m/s. His KE is:
KE = ½mv²
KE = ½ × 36 × 3²
KE = 18 × 9
KE = 162 J
Again KE is energy, so must be in joules (J).

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