Can Psychology Book Be Read In Tamil?


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Unfortunately there are not a huge range of psychology books in Tamil available unless you look around certain book shops in India. However, there is a website that offers a range of books in Tamil from fiction to education so you may want to consider looking through the following website -
  • The uses of Tamil
If you speak Tamil fluently then you may have problems interacting with larger parts of India as the main language is Hindu. However, it is possible for you to enlist the help of Tamil in order to learn Hindu.

  • How to learn Hindu from Tamil
One of the first things you need to do is ensure that you have a Tamil to Hindu dictionary as well as a Hindu to Tamil dictionary as this will help guide you through the learning process. In addition, you must be prepared to commit to learning the language because it can take a lengthy period of time to get it right. It is important to remember that any gaps between learning could cause you to forget the language.

  • Start with the alphabet
One of the best parts of the language to learn first is the alphabet. Similar to any language, the alphabet is the first thing we learn as children. This is important because then you will be able to familiarize yourself with the letters of the Hindu alphabet which will eventually leave reading and writing Hindu much easier.

  • Learn the structure
Structure is very important when you're learning Hindu because Tamil does tend to use a different sentence structure. For example, in some cases Tamil demonstrates a sentence using the object then subject then verb structure, whereas Hindu is almost always subject first, then object and then verb. You must be careful not to mix them up.
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There are many popular books of Psychology in Tamil Language. The most notable are the ones written by M.P Periasamy Thooran. Some of them are as follows:
Kuzhanthai Ullam
Kuzhanthai Manamum Athan Valarchiyum
Adi Manam
Thazhvu Manappanmai
Manamum Athan Vilakkamum
Manam Yendrum Mayakkurangu
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Yes I want to read books about psychology in tamil
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Please tell me inter-relation personality
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If you want psychology books in Tamil . B.Sc. (psychology)in Tamil medium in Madras University
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I want that plz upload me
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I'mTanalian. I want to read psychology book in Tamil.    Adi Manam ,Kuzhanthai Ul lamManam Yendrum Mayakkurangu Kumarapparuvam.please I want this book can you sent me please this my kindly request

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