How Can Psychological Barriers In Communication Be Minimised?


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Psychological barriers in communication can be effectively minimized or eradicated altogether by maintaining a professional frame of mind and stringently following the guidelines to effective communication. These guidelines are condensed in the form of the seven C's of Communication. They are as follows :-

Concise: Do not garnish the communicated message with excessive words that may give rise to any ambiguity.
Concrete: Explicitly state what it is that you wish to convey and avoid writings on the wall or use metaphorical language or expect the listener to read between the lines.
Complete: Spell out if need be and make sure the message is complete. Do not leave anything to chance and explicitly spell all the details without leaving out any important information like time, date, place, etc.
Context: Give necessary context so that it is easier to understand where you're coming from.
Consistent: Make sure the message is consistent with the context and avoid any arising ambiguities.
Clear: Clarify any arising inconsistencies by making the audience mirror the information that you disseminated and encourage them to ask questions.
Coherence: Make sure that the body of your subject remains coherent throughout.

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