Who Are The Filipino Sociologist?


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There are many Filipino sociologists out there who have provided a lot of contributions into this popular form of social science. If you search on Wikipedia then you can find an extensive list of Filipino sociologists who have been able to provide great contributions into the study, with links that send you to separate pages for each of the notable sociologists. It will list biography information and will also talk about where they studied, and what they did. For instance, there is one particularly famous Filipino sociologist, called Walden Bello.

Walden Bello was born in 1945 and is a famous author, academic and political analyst as well as a professor of sociology and public administration. He was and is heavily involved with the University of the Philippines Diliman. He is also the executive director of the Focus on the Global South. He was born in Manila, in the Philippines and became a political activist soon after the declaration of Martial Law by the former president (but then-president) Ferdinand Marcos back in September 1972. Bello currently sits in Congress in the Philippines' House of Representatives, where he acts as the party Akbavan's second nominee.

As mentioned, Bello is involved with and is the founding direct of Focus on the Global South. This is a well known policy research institute that is based in Bangkok. Prior to being involved with this he was an executive director of the Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First) in California. He was educated in Princeton University, and this is where he obtained his doctorate in sociology in 1975. He was later taught at the University of California, Berkeley.

For more information on Bello, as well as many other famous sociologists that come from the Philippines, be sure to check out the Wikipedia page. The articles provide great amounts of information.

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