Who Blinks More: Men Or Women?


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I would think women due to the flaking of mascara and eyeliner in their eyes
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Depends on how much sleepy a person is but if it is old he/she will blink more or if it is a chid(he/she) it depends she/he has glasses or not. 
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The reason that women blink nearly twice as much as men simply has to do with how our brain processes loud noises and being startled.

When studies were done on male vs. Female and gay vs. Straight reactions. It showed that a loud noise followed by a soft one made a woman blink hard and numerous times and a man responded with a softer blink and only one time. It also showed that Lesbians tended to react as men did (With fewer, blinks) and gay men also showed the same general number as straight men and lesbians.

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"Girls blink more than boys, probably because of minerals in make-up and perfume that might cause more blinking than boys do, because boys don't use make-up." [paraphrased]

Source: community.discovery.com

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I notice that men blink more when they are nervous or interested in a woman.
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The latter is most of the time, B-doll. :>)
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I'll stand by my answer because of the qualification of when men do as I described. Women tend to lower their head at those times, blinking more or staring.
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Maybe this is the answer to why women live longer than men. Women on average blink twice as often as men.
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Woman cause they blink in a flirting manner. Come over here big boy! Wink wink! Lol

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