Women-is it true that women live longer than men?,and why,


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I think women live longer than men since men work really hard which stresses them out and work longer hours than women do. So they die faster while women work hard but not as hard as men do, I hope this helps but this is just my opinion though, not a fact.
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Hilary Newton
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Well it depends if the work is manual or not,
ryan yang
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Men do hard working but women are flex and soft, so there don't have stress but some still lazy and some still living over 50 or more...
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Studies have shown that women develop cardiovascular disease around 10 years later than men, which can be explained by years of oestrogen production.Men in general tend to smoke more and eat more, which can cause high levels of cholesterol.While they are also less likely to deal with stress positively and tend to internalize it instead.These are all prime factors in developing cardiovascular disease.
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Women tend to live longer because they tend to filter their emotions through crying. Men usually hold in their emotions because they see crying as a sign of weakness. Woman also develop cardiovascular disease later in life than men. Women develop these problems usually in their 70s and 80s, about 10 years later than men, who develop them in their 50s and 60s.
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May b women are mostly housewife so dey do so much routine work at home which lead dem to stay fit. Doin work at home is like exercise. Mostly women are calm and hard workin as compared to men so calm mind result in more mental peace. Salute to Women.
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Yes on average they do ,so it is true. I don't really know why. I don't know if it is understood why.
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Women need to be around longer than their partners otherwise their partners would be completely helpless! Well at least I would, of course I can not speak for the whole of my gender!
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Partially because women are much more risk aversive than men. Men will take stupid enough risks to kill themselves and to be killed by others.
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Most women do a job and look after a family as well, together with most of the shopping school runs washing cleaning ironing----it's a wonder we don't live shorter lives!
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Hi Hilary, women have far more to cope with than men - they work, they have children, the run a home, [sometimes they get help] but overall they support their partner emotionally, and multi=task and more, and this is part of their resilience. Often when a woman picks up the pieces when things go wrong ... It is the drive and tenacity and these days competitiveness in business as well as the desire to achieve and more that all adds up to ensuring longer lifespans. Usually by three years or so and sometimes much more =
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Its true because were smarter and don't put ourselves in dangerous situations and such. :)
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I guess since men work a lot like do outside work in the heat and it's hard on there bodies so they get tired . To where  a woman can also have a job but work indoors as a secutary or working as a waitress in a diner .

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Yeah! That has been proved many a times. The overall living ratio of a women to men is highly favorable in terms of women. The reason for this could be their patience level and the self control that women has received form the nature.
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Because they put us through soooo very much stuff - they have inadvertantly become weaker by depending on us - since it didn't kill us it made us stronger and we live longer because of it. 

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