What Are The Economical Effects Of Energy Crisis In Pakistan?


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Pakistan is going to have to suffer the horrible consequences of poor economic development due to this massive energy problem. The massive energy crisis has further worsened the economic conditions of this country as it has decreased agricultural production, and it has of course stopped t he industrial process in the country. On the most part, Pakistan is an agricultural country, and a huge quantity of agricultural raw material is actually produced in Pakistan. Thanks to the energy crisis, this is no longer the case and the country is low on exports. The country cannot sell its products to other countries and has hence suffered from a huge loss financially and economically.

Furthermore, many people (in the millions) that have worked in industrial units in the past have been deployed, which means the lives of the workers have become hell, too. Nobody has a job and nobody has any income, meaning that country is practically bankrupt. There is no quality of life and nobody is able to make a living, making the future very worrying for the country.

In international terms, this economic setback has damaged national dignity of the country massively, and Pakistan now has to ask for financial and economic help from the huge economic powers in the world like the United Kingdom. The Asian Development Bank, too, is being called in to help with the economic healing of this troubled country. To put it simply, the country will be in this mess for a long time until the right amount of funds are necessary to solve the energy crisis in Pakistan. Cooperation from other countries is also going to be necessary if the country is going to be able to get back up on its feet and look after its people.

The economic crisis affected the national stability of the country, but it has also affected the foreign policy of the country. Pakistan will need a great amount of help if it is ever going to recover from this problem.
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Main reason for energy crisis is lack of visionary leadership in Pakistan. Government should have developed such policies or projects which could benefit Pakistan for decades e.g Construction of Terbela dam or Mangla dam , ports, motor ways . Mega dams were built about 40 yrs ago and they are still crucial for Pakistan. Govt  (Zia, Benazir, Nawaz, Mushraf )in Past should have developed such mega projects.

Last mega dam was completed in 1974 and after that no mega dam was built.  As a rule of thumb, Pakistan should have constructed one dam in one decade starting 1980. Thermal power plants were built in 1990s but due to cost of furnace oil, electricity generated through them is very expensive and government has to pay about 300 billion rupees as subsidy per anum. Which has become impossible, that's why circular debt of power companies has increased and they are left with option to operate their plant at low load or shut down their plant. It all happened due to lack of foresightedness by Govt of Pakistan.

Coal reserves were discovered in 1995 but it has been now 15 yrs that those are not utilized. Cheapest energy can only be produced by dams which would take 7~8 years to complete. Mega project to produce electricity from coal would also take 5~6 years to complete. However wind and solar energies can be generated in lesser time but they are expensive. So Govt needs to develop few short term plans (wind and solar energy and import of electricity from Iran) and few mega projects (hydel and coal energy). And work should immediately be started on both short term and long term strategies. This is the only solution otherwise Pakistan 's economy may go to tatters (God forbids)
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Pakistan has to suffer the dire consequences of poor economic development due t energy crisis. It worsened the economic conditions of the country by decreasing agricultural production as well as stopping industrial process. Being an agricultural country, a huge quantity of agricultural raw material is produced in Pakistan. But due to energy crisis, industrial process stopped and Pakistan has to face economic setback. Consequently, millions of the people working in industrial units have been deployed which made the life of a lay man very sour. Internationally, this economic setback damaged the national dignity of the country very badly and Pakistan has has to beg from big powers like USA and UK, and international organization like IMF and Asian Development Bank etc. In a nutshell, economic crisis not only affected national stability of the country but also directed her foreign policy toward a disastrous end.
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There would be a huge disaster in the industrial zone,The acute shortage of power will lead us behind in every field.
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The main reason is that the government needs to pay up to the power plants so that they can buy fuel and accordingly make electricity but the government doesnt want to pay up so that has made it impossible to generate power so now we energy crisis

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